Cattaraugus African Mission Outreach
                         One​ UMChurch's Response to Helping African Education
You educate a child...
              You educate​ a nation!
                              Sister Margaret Aringo
Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Cattaraugus African Mission Outreach is to financially support the educational endeavors of the Brothers of St. Charles Lwanga in Uganda and Kenya.  As United Methodists  we believe we are called to help all God's children.We belong to a greater Christian family and have an obligation to assist them. We believe our connection to the Brothers of St. Charles Lwanga, is divinely inspired and our calling is to support their ministry of educating the poor and parentless in parts of eastern Africa that the Brothers serve. We believe that through proper education the chains of poverty and ignorance can be broken in Africa.   
The students at St. Gonzaga Academy in Khayega
The Significance of Education in Africa:

Africa has approximately one billion people. It is one of the continent​​ that houses the harshest living conditions. The average life expectancy is 48 years old with the leading causes of death being malaria, dysentery, AIDS, and infant mortality. Twenty five percent of the children die before the age of 6 from diarrhea, dehydration, malaria, and pneumonia. Corruption in government through bribery and misuse of money adds to the chaos of its people's well being. Economically, Africa is plagued with decreased productivity and manpower due to decades of war and disease. There is such a overwhelming lack of education of the poor that 70% of men and 50% of women are illiterate.  Governments are unable to provide education to the poor so other institutions are motivated to help.

One such group is the Brothers of St. Charles Lwanga. These Brothers dedicate their lives to educating and helping poor children in Uganda and Kenya. This group was found in 1927 as an indigenous religious association of Ugandan men​​ committed to providing education to the youth of their country. These laypersons live a life set apart from others as they have taken vows of poverty, celibacy, and obedience. Their Kenya projects include the St. Gonzaga Academy School in Khayega, Eastleigh Vocational School in Nairobi, and Gatwikera in Nairobi.

Education is vital to a merging society. To counteract the influence of violence and intolerance, education of its young is essential. Tolerance, peace, justice, and understanding are outcomes from an educated populace. Education can help assure innovation, development, and a self-sustaining growth. Each child represents the future and all children are our children.​
How You Can Help:
Support the fundraisers of the Cattaraugus African Missions Outreach and/or send your donation to​ the Cattaraugus United Methodist Church, 53 Washington St., Cattaraugus, NY  14719. Make checks out to Cattaraugus UMC and in the memo line put "African Missions".  For further information contact Avion at

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